1. Who is the woman?
A. An Italian engineer.
B. A student.
C. A teacher.
2. What are the speakers mainly talking about?
A. Animals.
B. Fears.
C. Childhood.
3. What did tile girl find out this morning?
A. There was an exam this afternoon.
B. There was no exam today.
C. The exam was postponed to next weekend.
4. Who had a good time in the exhibition?
A. The woman.
B. The man.
C. The man’s wife.
5. What does the man mean?
A. He agrees with the woman.
B. It will be cold and rainy this autumn.
C. Not every autumn is beautiful.
6. Where is Alice?
A. In England.
B. In the US.
C. In Italy.
7. Which is Alice’s favorite subject?
A. Math.
B. Music.
C. P.E.
8. Why can’t Jane write to Alice now?
A. Alice’s computer isn’t working.
B. She cannot spare the time.
C. She doesn’t want to disturb Alice’s study.
9. When did Jim begin to cough?
A. Last night.
B. Yesterday morning.
C. The day before yesterday.
10. What did Jim have for breakfast this morning?
A. A little milk and an egg.
B. A little coffee and some bread.
C. A little tea and an apple.
11. What did the man ask Jim to do?
A. Take some medicine.
B. Have an injection.
C. Have a rest.
12. Why was the man late for work?
A. He got up late.
B. He didn’t catch the bus.
C. The traffic was heavy.
13. What do we know about the carpool?
A. It refers to a group of people riding to work together in one car.
B. It refers to a place used for parking cars.
C. It refers to a name of a company.
14. How can one join in a carpool?
A. By calling a special number.
B. By logging on a special website.
C. By calling an agent.
15. What do most English pubs offer?
A. Drinks and meals.
B. Only drinks.
C. Drinks and fruits.
16. At what time do most pubs close at night?
A. 11:00 p.m.
B. 12:00p.m.
C. l:00 a.m.
17. What do many pubs provide for children?
A. A special drink.
B. A special room.
C. Special music.
18. What was Hawking’s major at Oxford University?
A. Math.
B. Physics.
C. Chemistry.
19. How many children does Hawking have?
A. Three.
B. Two.
C. One.
20. According to Hawking, what does his story show us?
A. Nobody should lose hope.
B. Life is not fair.
C. Love is precious.

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