1. When did the woman last see the man’s uncle?
A. This morning.
B. Yesterday.
C. The day before yesterday.
2. What is Suzanne’s nationality?
A. American.
B. British.
C. Spanish.
3. How long have the speakers been waiting?
A. For 30 minutes.
B. For 60 minutes.
C. For 90 minutes.
4. What are the speakers doing?
A. Cooking a meal.
B. Planting a garden.
C. Shopping.
5. What does the woman mean?
A. She didn’t have a vacation.
B. She liked her vacation very much.
C. She didn’t enjoy her holiday.
6. Where did Mary use to work?
A. In a factory.
B. In a company.
C. In a law firm.
7. When did Mary change her job?
A. Two months ago.
B. One month ago.
C. One week ago.
8. What will the woman do this Saturday?
A. Work overtime.
B. Visit the man.
C. Chat online.
9. What ate the speakers mainly talking about?
A. A famous novel.
B. The poverty in Latin America.
C. A speech.
10. How many students were present on December 10th?
A. 2300.
B. 1700.
C. 1300.
11. Why did the president advise students to read Les Miserables?
A. To help the poor.
B. To understand poverty better.
C. To find out the cause of human misery.
12. What kind of car is the woman going to rent?
A. The biggest one.
B. A mid-size one.
C. The smallest one.
13. How much will the woman pay in total?
A. 70 dollars.
B. 78 dollars.
C. 86 dollars.
14. What will the woman do next?
A. Make the payment.
B. Fill in a form.
C. Drive away
15. What did Mom and Dad give the boy for his birthday?
A. A raincoat.
B. A leather jacket.
C. A pair of jeans.
16. What will the boy do with the present?
A. Return it for a refund.
B. Give it to his sister.
C. Accept it gratefully.
17. What will the girl do?
A. Buy the boy what he asked for.
B. Talk with her parents.
C. Lend some money to the boy.
18. What is the weather like in southern Oregon now?
A. Cloudy and rainy.
B. Sunny and hot.
C. Cold and clear.
19. What is the temperature in the north?
A. 45 degrees.
B. 30 degrees.
C. 25 degrees.
20. Where will the wind come from in northern Oregon tomorrow afternoon?
A. From southwest.
B. From northeast.
C. From northwest.

1-5CBACC 6-10AABCB 11-15BCCBA 16-20ACABB

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