1. What color does the man like?
A. Blue.
B. Brown.
C. Red.
2. What does the woman want to drink?
A. Wine.
B. Beer.
C. Juice.
3. How much longer will the woman wait for the bus?
A. 45 minutes.
B. 30 minutes.
C. 15 minutes.
4. What does the man suggest doing tonight?
A. Playing tennis.
B. Seeing a movie.
C. Having a big dinner.
5. What does Mary say about the homework?
A. It was difficult.
B. It didn’t take her long to finish it.
C. She hasn’t finished it yet.
6. What’s the woman’s nationality?
A. American.
B. Chinese.
C. Russian.
7. What do kids ask people for on Halloween?
A. Masks.
B. Candy.
C. Clothes.
8. What can we infer from the conversation?
A. Halloween is a holiday just for kids.
B. Both adults and children have fun on Halloween.
C. People must wear mask on that day.
9. What is the man’s plan for this morning?
A. To borrow some books from Collin.
B. To go to Collin’s garage sale.
C. To find some old books in a flea market.
10. Where does the woman advise the man to go?
A. To Collin’s garage.
B. To a book store.
C. To a flea market.
11. What do we know about the man?
A. He’s never been to a flea market before.
B. He doesn’t show much interest in the garage sale.
C. He only buys used books.
12. How did the man know about the flat?
A. From the newspaper.
B. From his friend.
C. From the Internet.
13. How many bedrooms does the flat have?
A. 4.
B. 3.
C. 2
14. When can the man move in if he accepts everything?
A. On August 1st.
B. On the last day of August.
C. On or after September 1st.
15. What’s the woman doing for the sports meet?
A. Making a timetable for the events.
B. Making a standard for the events.
C. Writing a report about the athletes.
16. What is the last event the students have before lunch?
A. The long distance race.
B. Throwing events.
C. Jumping events.
17. What does the man say about the 100-meter race?
A. It is more exciting than any other event.
B. It takes place at 6:00 p.m.
C. It demands less energy.
18. Where did Hank and his family live before?
A. In a small village.
B. In a large city.
C. In a small town.
19. Why did Hank take his new car out of garage?
A. He wanted to show it to his neighbors.
B. He wanted to repair it.
C. He wanted to wash it.
20. When did Jane need the car?
A. When there was a party.
B. When she went shopping.
C. When there was a football game.

11-15AABCA 16-20CACCA

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