1. Where did the man first meet Susan?
A. In the classroom.
B. On the road.
C. In the library.
2. When does the concert start?
A. At 7:45.
B. At 7:35.
C. At 7:30.
3. What’s wrong with Susan?
A. She has a toothache.
B. She has a headache.
C. She has a backache.
4. How much will the man pay?
A. 330 yuan.
B. 600 yuan.
C. 900 yuan.
5. What do we know about the woman?
A. She worries about Bill.
B. She has difficulty choosing gifts.
C. She will buy the man a funny gift.
6. Which of the following is offered free?
A. French fries.
B. Two Cokes.
C. Ketchup.
7. How much should the man pay?
A. 50 cents.
B. 8 dollars.
C. 8.5 dollars.
8. What will the man probably do next?
A. Go to the service counter.
B. Go to find a table.
C. Leave the restaurant.
9. Where are probably the speakers?
A. In a bank.
B. At the airport.
C. At a customs office.
10. What does the woman want to do?
A. Cash some checks.
B. Pay some bills.
C. Check her luggage.
11. What does the woman show the man?
A. Her checkbook.
B. Her passport.
C. Her ID card.
12. How many cars did the woman sell this week?
A. 11.
B. 10.
C. 3.
13. What advantage does she have over the salesmen?
A. The female customers like to talk to her.
B. She is very friendly.
C. She is ready to help others.
14. What is other salesmen’s attitude towards her?
A. All of them are very kind to her.
B. Most of them refuse to talk to her.
C. A few of them are unfriendly to her.
15. Where is the bathroom?
A. Next to the common room.
B. Opposite the common room.
C. Across from the kitchen.
16. Who bought the TV?
A. Jack.
B. Sara.
C. Sara’s brother.
17. How does the man feel about the room?
A. He’s satisfied with it.
B. He doesn’t like it at all.
C. He thinks it’s just so-so.
18. What happened to Mrs. White?
A. Her TV set stopped working.
B. Her washing machine didn’t work.
C. Her fridge was broken.
19. Why was Mrs. White unhappy when the repairman arrived?
A. The man came too early.
B. The man asked for too much money.
C. The man didn’t come in time.
20. When did Mrs. White telephone the workshop?
A. On the 20th.
B. On the 21st.
C. On the 22nd.

11-15BCACB 16-20CABCB

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