1.What’s the woman crazy about?
A. The bad traffic in the morning.
B. The early working time in her office.
C. The construction in front of the building.
2.What is the woman doing?
A. Recommending some places to the man.
B. Asking for advice from the man.
C. Leaving on her trip to Asia.
3.What is the man going to do?
A. Talk to more soldiers.
B. Organize the information.
C. Collect more information.
4.What will the speakers do tonight?
A. Prepare for an exam.
B. Go to a celebration.
C. Go to a hospital.
5.Where does the conversation most probably take place?
A. At a clinic. B. At a furniture store. C. In a gym.
6.What class will the man have this afternoon?
A. Politics.
B. History.
C. Biology.
7.What does the woman say about the cafeteria?
A. She likes the variety of food there.
B. She doesn’t think the food there is too bad.
C. She thinks it is too crowded there.
8.Where does the conversation take place?
A. At the airport.
B. At the Lost and Found.
C. At a railway station.
9.How many pieces of luggage does the woman have?
A. Two.
B. Three.
C. Four.
10.What color is the large suitcase?
A. Brown.
B. Gray.
C. Blue.
11.What does the woman ask the information for?
A. For some surveys.
B. For a meeting.
C. For a class project.
12.What sport is the 36-to-45 age group’s second choice?
A. Jogging.
B. Tennis.
C. Skiing.
13.In which age group are men a bit more active than women?
A. The 18-to-26 age group.
B. The 27-to-35 age group.
C. The 46-to-55 age group.
14.How does the man know the shop?
A. From a friend.
B. From the newspaper.
C. From the Internet.
15.Who does the man like most?
A. Jimi Hendrix.
B. Jimmy Page.
C. Fender.
16.Why is the Jimmy Page’s guitar so expensive?
A. His signature is on it.
B. It was played at his 1970 show.
C. It is the only Fender in the store.
17.What does the man plan to buy?
A. A Fender used by Jimmy Page.
B. A latest model of classic guitar.
C. A small guitar for a beginner.
18.What should international students do when they get to college in America?
A. Take out a medical insurance policy.
B. Ask the college to recommend a doctor.
C. Get a check-up.
19.According to the man, what is the standard form of medical care in America?
A. Public clinics.
B. College clinics.
C. Private doctors.
20.What should international students bring when they go to America?
A. Their health records.
B. The contact information of their doctors.
C. Medicine.

1—5 CBBBA 6—10 BBABC
11—15 BCAAB 16—20 ACACA

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