1. Where does this conversation take place?
A. In a bookstore.
B. In a hospital.
C. In a post office.
2. What is the woman doing?
A. Looking for a new job.
B. Planning her vacation.
C. Talking with Ms. Martin.
3. Which train will the woman catch?
A. The 10:50 one.
B. The 10:20 one.
C. The 10:15 one.
4. How does the man feel about what the woman said?
A. Disappointed.
B. Surprised.
C. Frightened.
5. What do we know about the woman?
A. She has never been to Australia.
B. She will go to Australia with the man.
C. She’d like to see the bears in Australia.
6. Where is the man’s house?
A. Opposite the station.
B. Across from the park.
C. Next to the bank.
7. How will the woman probably go to the man’s house from the station?
A. On foot.
B. In the man’s car.
C. By taxi.
8. When did the accident probably happen?
A. At 8:00 p.m.
B. At 11:00 a.m.
C. At 7:30 a.m.
9. What most likely caused the accident?
A. The bad weather.
B. The drunk driver.
C. A careless passer-by.
10. What does the man need to do?
A. Have his car fixed.
B. Give the woman some money.
C. Get a permit to park his car.
11. What’s his student number?
A. 9301321.
B. 9310321.
C. 9301231.
12. What information of the man is not needed?
A. His postal code.
B. The license plate number of his car.
C. His birth date.
13. What do we know about the woman?
A. She was fined yesterday.
B. She knows where the man lives.
C. She works in the Service Building.
14. Who does the pen belong to?
A. The man.
B. The man’s wife.
C. The man’s son.
15. Which pen does the man choose at last?
A. A purple one.
B. A red one.
C. A yellow one.
16. How much does the red pen cost?
A. $3.00.
B. $8.00.
C. $14.00.
17. What is the woman like?
A. Warm-hearted.
B. Impatient.
C. Inexperienced.
18. How many meetings are there every workday in the U. S. ?
A. About 11000.
B. About 110000.
C. About 11000000.
19. Why do Americans like meetings according to the talk?
A. To have a good time.
B. To form better ideas.
C. To meet more people.
20. How can a meeting be well controlled?
A. By dividing into groups.
B. By advanced planning.
C. By having a good chairman.

11-15ACBBA 16-20CACBC

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