1. When will the speakers probably arrive at the concert?
A. At 7:00.
B. At 7:15.
C. At 7:20.
2. What is the woman doing?
A. Smoking.
B. Reading.
C. Sweeping.
3. Who is Andy?
A. A student.
B. A tour guide.
C. A teacher.
4. What does the woman suggest the man do?
A. Go to bed earlier.
B. Turn the alarm off.
C. Put his alarm clock far enough.
5. What are the speakers talking about?
A. A book.
B. An American.
C. A club.
6. In which room does Mr. Roger Peterson live?
A. 612.
B. 312.
C. 621.
7. What does the woman give to the man at last?
A. The man’s ID card.
B. Some flowers.
C. A visitor’s pass.
8. Where will the speakers have lunch?
A. At the Grand Hotel.
B. At Brown’s.
C. At a faraway restaurant.
9. What food does Mr. Smith prefer?
A. Chinese food.
B. European food.
C. Japanese food.
10. What does Miss Wu worry about?
A. The distance.
B. The service.
C. The price.
11. Why does the woman ask the man to get only a snack?
A. She is not hungry.
B. They are in a hurry.
C. They will have supper soon.
12. What does the man buy in the end?
A. Milk and soda.
B. Juice and bread.
C. Yoghurt and cookies.
13. How will the speakers go home?
A. By bus.
B. By subway.
C. On foot.
14. Where does the conversation take place?
A. At the TV station.
B. In the school office.
C. Over the telephone.
15. How often does Mr. Jackson give homework to his students?
A. Every day.
B. Once or twice a week.
C. Hardly ever.
16. What’s his opinion about homework?
A. It can help students review what they’ve learned.
B. Too much of it is not good for students.
C. Students can be given more homework on the weekends.
17. Why does the woman say congratulations to him?
A. His team did a good job last year.
B. He is a successful teacher.
C. His article won first prize last year.
18. How would Patricia Chance pay for her study in Spain?
A. By herself.
B. By her parents.
C. By a scholarship.
19. Why did Patricia Chance and her friend go upstairs?
A. To say goodbye.
B. To get Patricia’s luggage.
C. To have some drinks.
20. How did the bad dream have a happy ending?
A. The taxi driver came back to return the things.
B. People caught the driver.
C. People gave Patricia Chance many things she needed.

11-15CBACB 16-20BACAC

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