1. What season is it now?
A. Summer.
B. Autumn.
C. Winter.
2. How might the woman feel?
A. Satisfied.
B. Annoyed.
C. Excited.
3. What does the woman want to know?
A. What the time is now.
B. Where the bar is.
C. Who the lady is.
4. What will the woman probably do next?
A. Clean the car.
B. Brush her teeth.
C. Leave the house.
5. What does the man offer to do?
A. Fix the car for the woman.
B. Give the woman a ride.
C. Call a taxi for the woman.
1. What does the man suggest doing?
A. Going to bed right away.
B. Eating some candy.
C. Watching a movie.
2. Why is the woman so tired?
A. She celebrated a festival.
B. She took some kids to dinner.
C. She helped her neighbor with some work.
3. What did the man do in the summer vacation?
A. He worked at a restaurant.
B. He attended some classes.
C. He traveled around the world.
4. What can we learn from the conversation?
A. The man works at a good company now.
B. The woman would rather get a degree than work.
C. The woman doesn’t want to go to school.
5. When will most of the exams end?
A. This Friday.
B. On January 23rd.
C. On January 26th.
6. How many students are there in the man’s dorm?
A. 4.
B. 5.
C. 6.
7. What do we know about the party?
A. It will be held after the term.
B. All the man’s classmates will come.
C. The man’s uncle will make a video of the evening.
8. What is the relationship between the speakers?
A. Friends.
B. Husband and wife.
C. Brother and sister.
9. What are the speakers doing?
A. Watching a game.
B. Having a baseball class.
C. Practicing baseball with Jimmy.
10. What does the woman say about the coach?
A. He takes it easy on the players.
B. He used to be a great player.
C. He usually does a good job.
11. How does Jimmy perform today?
A. Very well.
B. Just so-so.
C. Terrible.
12. What did the woman look like in high school?
A. She had dark hair.
B. She was overweight.
C. She had curly hair.
13. What does the woman do for living?
A. She sells insurance.
B. She works in a seafood restaurant.
C. She is a lawyer.
14. What does the man think of his job?
A. Dull but well-paid.
B. Exciting but low-paid.
C. He likes it very much.
15. Where are the speakers at the moment?
A. In Springfield.
B. In Ovington.
C. In Brookfield.

1—5 BBABB 6—10 CAABA
11—15 CABAC 16—20 ABCAB

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