1. What will the girl probably do?
A. Do her homework,
B. Go to ride a boat.
C. Enjoy the beautiful day.
2. What is the weather like now?
A. Rainy.
B. Sunny.
C. Cloudy.
3. What doesn’t Mary like?
A. Meat.
B. Fish.
C. Vegetables.
4. When do the students have to arrive at school?
A. At 7:40.
B. At 7:50.
C. At 8:00.
5. What will the man probably do?
A. Quit the job.
B. Forget about those figures and facts.
C. Try to catch up with his work.
6. Who did Nancy have dinner with?
A. A blind man.
B. An old man.
C. An officer
7. How did Nancy feel when all the lights went out?
A. Nervous.
B. Annoyed.
C. Surprised.
8. Who is the man?
A. A student.
B. A teacher.
C. A postman.
9. How long hasn’t the man gotten a letter from his mother?
A. Nearly a month.
B. Nearly two weeks.
C. Nearly a week.
10. What will the man do next?
A. Go to the bookstore.
B. Go to the post office.
C. Get online.
11. How long is the speakers’ holiday?
A. Eight days.
B. Seven days.
C. Five days.
12. Why does the woman want to travel by train?
A. It’s comfortable and cheap.
B. It’s cheap and convenient.
C. They can enjoy the scenery on their way.
13. What will the speakers do next?
A. Book air tickets and rooms.
B. Call a travel agency to make a reservation.
C. Book train tickets and rooms.
14. Why does the girl keep a weather diary?
A. It’s useful for her studies.
B. She’s going to have it published.
C. She has great interest in the changing weather.
15. What was the weather like on the morning of April 28th?
A. Sunny.
B. Cloudy.
C. Rainy.
16. What does the girl want to be when she finishes school?
A. A journalist.
B. A weather reporter.
C. A writer.
17. Where did the accident happen?
A. At the corner of Green Street and Fifth Avenue.
B. At the intersection of Green Avenue and Fifth Street.
C. On Fifth Highway.
18. What was the woman doing while driving?
A. Making a call.
B. Drinking cola.
C. Eating a sandwich.
19. Who was driving very fast?
A. The speaker.
B. The woman.
C. The man.
20. What do we know about the result of the accident?
A. Both the man and the woman were badly injured.
B. Neither of them apologized to each other.
C. The truck crashed into the car.

11-15AAACA 16-20BAABB

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