1. Where is Wallace now?
A. In the hotel.
B. At home.
C. At the lab.
2. Who is ill?
A. George.
B. George’s wife.
C. George’s father.
3. What will the man probably do?
A. Go to study in the dining room.
B. Go to the classroom.
C. Go to bed.
4. When did the woman become ill?
A. Tuesday.
B. Wednesday.
C. Thursday.
5. What are the speakers talking about?
A. The latest news.
B. The origin of a word.
C. Dictionaries.
6. Where are the speakers?
A. In a restaurant.
B. On a farm.
C. In a store.
7. What does the woman want?
A. Ten eggs.
B. Some black tea.
C. Eggs and tea.
8. What has the man been doing?
A. Preparing for the final exams.
B. Preparing a speech.
C. Writing an article.
9. What will the man do this evening?
A. Take a walk.
B. Go to a concert.
C. Go to see a film.
10. When will the woman meet the man?
A. At 7 o’clock.
B. At 6 o’clock.
C. At 5 o’clock.
11. What happened to Jenny?
A. She had a fight with her sister.
B. She lost her sister’s pet.
C. She lost her money.
12. What does the man advise Jenny to do?
A. Turn to her parents for help.
B. Buy her sister some new clothes.
C. Apologize to her sister and buy her a cat.
13. Who will lend some money to Jenny?
A. Her sister.
B. Jack.
C. Her parents.
14. What’s the first thing the man did?
A. Taking the meat out of the fridge.
B. Cutting up the potatoes.
C. Washing the onions.
15. What did the man ask the woman to pass him?
A. Salt.
B. Potatoes.
C. Sugar.
16. What is the side dish mentioned by the man?
A. Beef with green peppers.
B. Sweet and sour pork.
C. Tomatoes with sugar.
17. Who gave Frank Marshall the Chinese name?
A. His teacher.
B. His friend.
C. His parents.
18. How long had Simon Fan studied Chinese before he came to China?
A. One year.
B. Two years.
C. Three years.
19. When does Simon Fan have difficulty in using Chinese?
A. When talking with Chinese people.
B. When writing to Chinese people.
C. When listening to the talk among Chinese people.
20. How many Chinese cities has Simon Fan visited?
A. Fewer than three.
B. Only three.
C. More than three.

11-15BCBCB 16-20CBACC

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