1. What does John Smith do?
A. A mailman.
B. A letter writer.
C. A milkman.
2. Where will the man probably have to sit?
A. In the front row.
B. In the back row.
C. In the middle.
3. What is Richard famous for?
A. Editing.
B. Reporting.
C. Writing.
4. Who will carry the suitcase?
A. The man.
B. The woman.
C. Someone else.
5. What do we know about the woman?
A. She should buy the ticket now.
B. She has missed the train.
C. She can catch the train in time.
6. What is the weather like in winter in the woman’s place?
A. Cold and wet.
B. Cold and dry.
C. Warm and hot.
7. Why does the woman think the man is lucky?
A. He can experience different kinds of weather.
B. He can enjoy winter sports in his hometown.
C. The winter is not cold at all in his hometown.
8. What did the well-known millionaire ask for in a hotel?
A. The most beautiful room.
B. The cheapest room.
C. The biggest room.
9. What kind of person is the millionaire’s son?
A. He’s careful about spending money.
B. He’s proud of his father.
C. He thinks money comes easy for him.
10. What kind of family is the millionaire from?
A. A poor family.
B. A rich family.
C. A middle-class family.
11. Why is the man going to the States?
A. To attend a conference.
B. To visit places of interest.
C. To visit his friends.
12. When does the man want to leave for America?
A. In early January.
B. In mid-January.
C. In early February.
13. What is probably the woman’s job?
A. A scientist.
B. A reporter.
C. Am embassy staff.
14. What does the man invite the woman to do on Tuesday night?
A. Sere a show.
B. Eat out in a restaurant.
C. Watch a basketball game.
15. What is the woman going to do on Wednesday evening?
A. Do some shopping.
B. Help her roommate clean the apartment.
E. Finish her term paper.
16. Whose birthday is on Friday?
A. The woman’s brother’s.
B. The man’s mother’s.
C. The woman’s father’s.
17. When did Jack order the CDs?
A. On March 13th.
B. On March 14th.
C. On March 16th.
18. How soon did Jack receive the CDs?
A. The next day.
B. Three days later.
C. Seven days later
19. Where did he get the CDs?
A. In a CD shop.
B. In a supermarket.
C. On the net.
20. What does he complain about?
A. The quality of the CDs.
B. The service the company offered.
C. The price of the CDs.

11-15ABCAB 16-20CBCCB

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