1. What does Jim do?
A. A teacher.
B. An officer.
C. A student.
2. What time did Suzy leave home?
A. 4:30.
B. 5:00.
C. 5:15.
3. What is the man’s suggestion?
A. Going to the concert.
B. Going to see a show.
C. Just walking around.
4. How long has the rain lasted?
A. 5 days.
B. 6 days.
C. 7 days.
5. What opinion do they hold on their chemistry course?
A. It’s well organized.
B. It is satisfactory.
C. It is unsatisfactory.
6. Where does this conversation take place?
A. In a library.
B. In a school.
C. In a bookstore.
7. Why is William Shakespeare mentioned in the conversation?
A. He gave gifts to millions of people.
B. He was a very wealthy man in his times.
C. His signature is worth a lot of money.
8. What are the man and woman looking for?
A. A comfortable hotel.
B. A modern hotel.
C. An inexpensive hotel.
9. Whom did the man and woman ask for help?
A. A policewoman.
B. A waitress.
C. A passer-by.
10. Where could the man and woman find a hotel they needed?
A. In the next street.
B. Next to a bank.
C. Two-minute drive to the west.
11. Where did the conversation most likely take place?
A. In a street.
B. In a restaurant.
C. In a hotel.
12. What would the woman like to do this weekend?
A. Go climbing.
B. Go shopping.
C. Go fishing.
13. What does the man plan to do on Saturday?
A. Check his schedule.
B. Stay at home.
C. Help his sister move.
14. How will the man get in touch with the woman?
A. By making a phone call to the woman’s house.
B. By making a phone call to the woman’s mother’s house.
C. By making a call to her cell phone.
15. What is the woman doing?
A. Listening to music.
B. Seeing a film.
C. Writing a letter.
16. How long will the woman stay in Japan?
A. For a year.
B. For a month.
C. For two years.
17. What will the woman do before she leaves for Japan?
A. Read more Japanese novels.
B. Attend a language class.
C. Apply for a new program.
18.How many news headlines are broadcast?
19.What happened early on Saturday morning?
A.A Russian rocket was sent up.
B.A tour bus slid off a highway.
C.Three aid workers were killed.
20.How many people were killed in the gas explosion?
A.At least 4.
B.About 30.
C.Over 40.


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