.Module 1 My First Day at Senior High
.Module 2 My New Teachers
.Module 3 My First Ride on a Train
.Module 4 A Social Survey—My Neighbourhood
.Module 5 A Lesson in a Lab
.Module 6 The Internet and Telecommunications
.Module 1 Our body and healthy habits
.Module 2 No drugs
.Module 3 Music
.Module 4 Fine Arts-Western,Chinese and Pop Arts
.Module 5 Newspapers and Magazines
.Module 6 Films and TV Programmes
.Module 1 Europe
.Module 2 Developing and Developed Countries
.Module 3 The Violence of Nature
.Module 4 Sandstorms in Asia
.Module 5 Great People and Great Inventions of Ancient China
.Module 6 old and new
.Module 1 Life in the Future
.Module 2 Traffic Jam
.Module 3 Body Language and Nonverbal Communication
.Module 4 Great Scientists
.Module 5 A trip along the three gorges
.Module 6 Unexplained Mysteries of the Natural World
.Module 1 British and American English
.Module 2 A Job Worth Doing
.Module 3 Adventure in Literature and the Cinema
.Module 4 Carnival
.Module 5 The Great Sports Personality
.Module 6 Animals in Danger

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