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    Donald Trump’s Vlog: Jobs and Unemployment

    Donald Trump Vlog: Jobs and Unemployment - February 22, 2020 Look at what's happening with jobs. Look at what's happening with unemployment right now in our country. We have more people working by far than ever before, almost 160 million people. Regulations have been cut, taxes have bee...

  • PEP

    新起点四年级上册英语Unit 6

    Unit 6 Jobs 第6单元 工作 Joy, what do you want to be in the future? 乔伊,你将来想做什么? I want to be a police officer. 我想做警察。 It's so cool. 好酷。 What about you? 你呢? I want to be a bus driver. 我想做公交司机。 I want to be a doctor in the future. 我将来想做医生。 ...

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    BBC news 2019-08-03

    BBC news with Nick Kelly. President Trump has said his choice for Director of national security John Ratcliffe has withdrawn his name from consideration. Democratic lawmakers and some former U.S senior intelligence officers have said Mr. Ratcliffe lacks expertise and experience. Preside...

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    冀教版九年级英语Lesson 59课文和录音

    Unit 10 Lesson 59 Keep Your Choices Open You want to keep your choices open. 你想拥有多种选择。 Your education keeps your choices open, 教育会使你有多种选择, So when you grow up you can be what you want. 因此长大后你就能实现自己的理想。 Do well in school and the decision will be you...

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    外研版七年级英语上册Module 2 Unit 2录音

    Unit 2 These are my parents. 第二单元 这是我的父母。 Reading and vocabulary 阅读与词汇 Activity 3 Read the passage and write the letters of the pictures in Activity 1. 活动3 阅读文章,写下活动1中图片的字母。 1.These are Betty's parents. 这是贝蒂的父母。 2.These are Lingling's moth...

  • Fujian

    Lesson 17 School Science Fair

    Lesson 17 School Science Fair 第17课 校园科技展 Danny and Jenny are talking about their school science fair. 丹尼和詹妮正在谈论他们的校园科技展。 They are very excited. 他们非常兴奋。 Hey, Jenny! 嘿,珍妮! Are you ready for the big science fair next week? 你准备好下周的大型科技展...

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    Lesson 25 Raising Money

    Unit 5 Lessons 25-30 Buying and Selling 第五单元 第25-30课 买与卖 Lesson 25 Raising Money 第25课 筹钱 Hi Danny and Jenny. 嗨,丹尼和珍妮。 Do you know that our basketball team is going to play in another city? 你知道我们的篮球队将要去另一个城市打球了吗? Yes. But the trip costs a ...

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    CNN news 2019-05-07

    Today's show explains what's behind the recent violence between Israel and Palestinian militant groups. Afterward, we're reporting on the U.S. jobs report and what it suggests for the economy. And we're examining the debate over how Notre Dame should be reconstructed.