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Part I Writing (30 minutes)

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on the importance of motivation and methods in learning. You can cite examples to illustrate your views. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.(点击查看范文

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on the importance of mutual understanding and respect in interpersonal relationships. You can cite examples to illustrate your views. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.(点击查看范文

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on the importance of team spirit and communication in the workplace. You can cite examples to illustrate your views. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.(点击查看范文

Listening 第一套
Section A
1.C)A project with a troublesome client.
1-5CABAC 6-7DB
Section B
Section C

26I pasta be kept to a minimum
27 L stop blood sugar shooting up
28 B has been championed by clean-eatingexperts
29N but now a systematic review andanalysis
30G it had been lumped in with other
31E pasta didn’t contribute to weight gain
32O in weighing the evidence
33A does not have an adverse effect on body
34D so contrary to concerns
35C those involved in the clinical trials
The best retailer combine bricks and clicks
36 M although online retailing has existed
37G innovative retailers integratetechnologies
38D despite what the census date
39 I internet-driven changes in the retail
40 C statistics indicate that brick and
41 H companies that successfully combineonline
42 F brick and mortar retailers’ faith
43 O despite the tremendous challenges from
44 A with the rise of online
45 K the wide use of smartphones has
46. B. It might be a blessing or a disaster in the making.
47. C. It was extremely important to the destiny of humankind.
48. A. The shift of research focus from the past to the future.ter.
49. D. Super—intelligence may eventually ruin mankind.
50. C. They share the same concerns about AI as academic.
51.B) They want to have a share of the senior’s good market.
52.C) collect residents’ feedback on their products
53.D) It is a communication system via TV instead of a computer.
54.A) Winning trust from prospective customers.
55.B) They are quite at ease with high-tech products.

Listening -第二套
Section A
1.D)Why so many girls adored Audrey Helburn.
Section B
8.B)By emailing questions to the man or the woman.
Section C
16.A)They encourage international cooperation.

26A most forms of steel abruptly becomebrittle
27J that resists fractures at much lower temperatures
28B without the need for expensiveadditives
29E providing a lifeline for the besiegedbritish
30I the ships cracked in the icy north Atlantic
31N so scientists have strived to find asolution
32C a more physical approach
33G that is comparable to that of
34H the number of components needed in aconstruction job
35K by replacing solid supports with hollow tubes
Companies are working with consumers toreduce waste
36F some companies believe that products
37C a survey shows shoppers today
38M companies can build customer loyalty
39G when companies launch environmentprograms
40G one multinational company offersdiscounts
41N Recycling used products can help
42H electronic products contain valuablels
43B it seems commonly believed that
44J it is advisable for companies
45D some businesses have begun to
46D, 47A ,48B, 49C ,50D
51B, 52C, 53D, 54A
55D by providing value with our creativity

26 I others pouring money into jetpacks
27 O has always remained the ultimate symbol of
28 J have produced prototypes that can drive on roads
29 M that can be segmented from theroad-going chassis
30 C need dual controls
31 K in another random street
32 H to back their sometimes outrageous schemes
33 D for speed ,romanticism and glamour
34 A coupled with artificial intelligenceand autonomous systems
35 F that’s completely at odds with how Ifeel today
The future of personal satellite technologyis here
36M given the easier accessibility to space
37C a group of mini-satellites can work
38B the greater accessibility ofmini-satellites
39E even school pupils can have
40K AMSAT is careful about sharing information
41F NASA offers to launch CubeSats free
42L even with constraints, it is possible
43G while making significant contributions
44D mini-satellites enable operators to
45J AMSAT operates on the principle of
46D, 47A ,48C, 49A ,50B
51D to improve traffic conditions in space
52C regulate the launching of newsatellites
53A set international standards for thespace flight industry
54D make a thorough analysis of anypossible addition to space debris
55B develop technology to address the spacedebris problem


Chinese idiom is a unique way of expression in Chinese, mostly composed of four Chinese characters. Although highly concise and fixed in form, they usually entail profound meanings. Most idioms stem from ancient Chinese literature and are usually related with certain myths, legends or historical events. It is difficult to understand its exact meaning with little knowledge of its origin as learning idioms helps people better understand Chinese traditional culture. Idioms are widely used in daily conversation and literary creation. Proper use of idioms can make a person’s language more expressive and help to deliver a more effective communication.


Chinese idioms, mostly made up of four Chinese characters, is a unique expression in Chinese. Despite their high conciseness and regular form, they can usually vividly express profound meanings. Chinese idioms, mostly originating from literary works of ancient China, are usually related to some myths, legends or historical events. If one has no idea where Chinese idioms come from, it will be difficult for him to understand their precise meaning. Therefore, learning Chinese idioms helps people have a better understanding of Chinese traditional culture. Chinese idioms are widely used in the daily conversations and literary creation. Using them properly can enable one’s language more expressive, and thus make the communication more effective.



China is a country with a vast territory and a large population. People in many places speak their own dialects. Dialects have the biggest difference in pronunciation and the difference between vocabulary and grammar is relatively slight. For some dialects, especially those from the north and the ones from the south, they are so different that their speakers often find it extremely hard to understand each other. Although dialects are considered as a component of the local culture, the number of people who can speak dialects keep declining in recent years. In order to encourage people to use dialects more often, some local governments have taken measures, such as offering dialect lessons in schools and broadcasting dialect programmes, on TV or radio to preserve the local culture heritage.


汉语是世界上用作本族语人数最多的语言。汉语与西方语言的一个重要区别在于它是以方块字(character) 而不是以字母构成的。目前仍在使用的书写系统中,汉语是最古老的。在中国,来自不同地区的人可能听不懂对方的方言,但由于汉字有统一的书写形式,他们交流起来几乎没有任何困难。汉语历史上对团结中华民族发挥了重要作用。今天,随着中国经济的快速增长和全球影响力的增强,越来越多其他国家的人也开始学习汉语。

The Chinese language is used as the mother tongue by the greatest number of people in the world. One of the significant differences between Chinese and Western languages lies in its composition of characters instead of letters. Although people from different parts of China may not understand each other’s dialect, they have no difficulty in communicating simply because there exists a unified writing form for Chinese characters. Chinese played a very important role in the unification of the Chinese nation. Today, with China’s rapid economic growth and increasing global influence, more and more foreign people begin to study Chinese.

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