1. Where does the conversation probably take place?
A. At a zoo.
B. In a library.
C. In a drugstore.

2. What will the man do next?
A. Change some money.
B. Take the food home.
C. Sit and eat his meal.

3. What does the woman suggest?
A. Buying a computer.
B. Hiring an assistant.
C. Starting a business.

4. What are the speakers talking about?
A. The weather.
B. The scenery.
C. The traffic.

5. When did the man see the film?
A. On Wednesday.
B. On Thursday.
C. On Saturday.


6. Who is the newcomer?
A. David Cook.
B. Joey Sanders.
C. Liam Neeson.

7. What is the newcomer’s position in the company?
A. He is a film director.
B. He is a program manager.
C. He is a department head.

8. What does the woman do?
A. She’s a secretary.
B. She’s a hotel maid.
C. She’s a salesperson.

9. What is the man going to do?
A. Change the sheets.
B. Have breakfast.
C. Meet his friends.

10. What does the man ask the woman to do at the end of the conversation?
A. Take the plate away.
B. Bring some towels.
C. Turn on the light.

11. Why does Jessica make the call?
A. To look for her passport.
B. To apply for a credit card.
C. To ask for the manager.

12. Where will Jessica go right after the phone call?
A. The bank.
B. Her home.
C. The supermarket.

13. How does the man sound?
A. Helpful.
B. Nervous.
C. Surprised.

14. What is the man doing?
A. Placing an order.
B. Selling insurance.
C. Conducting an interview.

15. What did Leaney study for a degree?
A. Finance.
B. Education.
C. Public Relations.

16. What is an advantage of a smaller business according to Leaney?
A. Greater contributions to the neighborhood.
B. Closer employer-employee relationship.
C. More flexibility in providing services.

17. What is Leaney’s plan for the next two weeks?
A. To visit her parents.
B. To call her relatives.
C. To finish her work.

18. What is the purpose of the talk?
A. To present a prize.
B. To introduce a lecturer.
C. To recommend a book.

19. Where is Russell working now?
A. In Oxford.
B. In Chicago.
C. In Virginia.

20. What does Russell think of sleep?
A. It’s seldom studied.
B. It’s just a waste of time.
C. It’s of great importance.

1-5 BCBAB 6-10 BCBCA
11-15 ABACA 16-20 CABAC

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