第一部分 听力 (共两节,满分30分)
第一节 (共5小题;每小题1.5分,满分7.5分)
例:How much is the shirt?
A. £19.15. B. £9.18. C. £9.15.

1. Where are the speakers?
A. At a swimming pool.
B. In a clothing shop.
C. At a school lab.
2. What will Tom do next?
A. Turn down the music.
B. Postpone the show.
C. Stop practicing.
3. What is the woman busy doing?
A. Working on a paper.
B. Tidying up the office.
C. Organizing a party.
4. When will Henry start his vacation?
A. This weekend.
B. Next week.
C. At the end of August.
5. What does Donna offer to do for Bill?
A. Book a flight for him.
B. Drive him to the airport.
C. Help him park the car.

6. Why does Pete call Lucy?
A. To say that he’ll be late.
B. To tell her about his work.
C. To invite her to dinner.
7. When is Pete going to see Lucy?
A. At 6:00 pm.
B. At 6:45 pm.
C. At 8:00 pm.
8.Why does Cathy want to quit her job?
A. She’ll join another firm.
B. She’ll run her own business.
C. She’s fed up with it.
9. What is Mark’s attitude towards Cathy’s decision?
A. Forgiving.
B. Sympathetic.
C. Supportive.
10. What might Cathy do for the present company?
A. Apply for a project.
B. Train a new person.
C. Recommend an engineer.
11. How did the man feel about his performance today?
A. Greatly encouraged.
B. A bit dissatisfied.
C. Terribly disappointed.
12. What did the man say helped him overcome the problem?
A. Patience.
B. Luck.
C. Determination.
13. What is the woman doing?
A. Conducting an interview.
B. Holding a press conference.
C. Hosting a ceremony.
14.What is next to the apartment building?
A. A restaurant.
B. A laundry.
C. A grocery store.
15.Which is included in the rent?
A. Electricity.
B. The Internet.
C. Satellite TV.
16.What does the woman think of the apartment?
A. It’ s quite large.
B. It’ s well furnished.
C. It’ s worth the money.
17. Where is Jeff from?
A. Liverpool.
B. Coventry.
C. Newcastle.
18.Where do young men go to watch big games according to Jeff?
A. Pubs.
B. Stadiums.
C. Friends’ homes.
19.Why does Jeff have to pick a team to support?
A. To avoid being bothered.
B. To open a conversation.
C. To earn respect from others.
20.What does Jeff mainly talk about?
A. England’s moment of success.
B. English flag as a symbol of hope.
C. England’s all-time favourite sport.

1—5 BCCAB 6—10 ABACB
11—15 BCACA 16—20 CBAAC
(Text 1)
W: Can I help you?
M: Yes. I’d like to try this jacket on, please.
W: OK, the changing rooms are over there.
(Text 2)
W: Tom, your music is too loud.
M: Our band is practicing for the show, mum.
W: But it’s already the middle of the night.
M: OK, we’ll cut it off right away.
(Text 3)
M: You look pretty busy. What’s up?
W: We’re putting together an office party this Friday evening. There’ll be about 30 people, and I’m the organizer.
M: Nice. But it’s probably best not to overwork yourself. Enjoy!
(Text 4)
W: Hi, Henry, did you say you are going to take a vacation next week?
M: Actually, I’m leaving for San Francisco this weekend.
W: Cool. But I can’t get away until the end of August.
(Text 5)
M: Donna, have you booked the flight to London for me?
W: Sure, Bill. Do you need a ride to the airport? I can do it.
M: No, thanks. I will park my car at the airport.
(Text 6)
M: Hi, Lucy, this is Pete.
W: Hi, what’s up?
M: Listen, I’m afraid I’ll be a lttle late tonight. Remember I said earlier that I would pick you up at six? Now, I’m going to meet you at about a quarter to seven, as there’s been a problem here at work.
W: OK. Don’t worry. The film begins at eight. I’ll wait.
M: Good. Get something to eat before I arrive. Okay?
W: I will.
(Text 7)
W: Hi, Mark. I’ve decided to leave the company. | had an amazing time here. But it is time for me to move on.
M: May I ask why, Cathy? I do hope that you stay with us here.
W: Well, you know, I’ve got a new job in a big engineering firm. It’s a management position.
M: In that case, I think that I understand your decision and you have my support.
W: Thanks for understanding. But I can work here two more weeks.
M: That’s great. Will you be able to finish your present project?
W: Sure. And if you hire someone within ten days, I’d be happy to provide training in my areas.
(Text 8)
W: Well done! Congratulations! How are you feeling?
M: Tired. I’m just tired.
W: But you did so well to get second place in today’s car race.
M: Well, I came out here aiming for the gold. I got third place last time and it was not the result I had hoped for.
W: What happened today? You were looking extremely good at the start.
M: I blew it. The car was a bit out of control.
W: Some people might have given up at that point.
M: I was determined to do it to finish the round.
W: So what now?
M: Tomorrow is going to be tough, much tougher than today.
W: Well, I think you showed great determination today. Good luck for tomorrow and thanks for speaking to us.
(Text 9)
W: So what is your new apartment like, Terry?
M: Oh, it’s great. There are two bedrooms, a nice kitchen and a living room.
W: Sounds nice.
M: Yeah. And there is a grocery store next to the apartment building. And there is a laundry and a fast food restaurant across the street, so it is a quick way to get a meal.
W: That’s good. How much do you pay in rent?
M: Well, | have a roommate, so I pay half the rent. That is $275 a month, with gas, water and electricity included. And the Internet and satellite TV are separate.
W: That’s a really wonderful price. How on earth did you find a place like that?
M: | just found it online.
W: Great.
(Text 10)
M: Hello, I’m Jeff Anderson from Coventry, England. And in today’s program, I’d like to share with you a special kind of English culture—the football. A lot of people in England are crazy about football. During the football season, whenever there is a big match, all the flags for local football teams, such as Liverpool and Newcastle are hung outside every window or even spread proudly on T-shirts or scarves. There is an atmosphere of excitement in the air. Groups of young men crowd into dark packed pubs, staring at television screens. Of course, they are covered head to toe in the colors of their team. They shout and scream in sadness when their team loses a goal or with joy when there is a moment of success. You do not have to be a fan of football to get caught up in the excitement, as far as victories are concerned. England had its big moment in 1966 in Wimbledon Stadium. The World Cup victory is in the hearts and minds of all football fans.
Now, whenever England is playing a big match, red and white covers every inch of every pub, a symbol of hope一the English flag. While football has never been something I’m particularly interested in. For years, I’ve had to pretend excitement and pick a team to support. You cannot say you don’t like or do not follow football in England, as often this will lead to a long dialogue in which someone will begin telling you why you should support their team.


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