1 The little girl enjoys planting flowers in her garden.
2 Be careful not to get hurt when you play football.
3 George is always ready to help his classmates solve problems.
4 Direction signs can be useful when you want to find a place.
5 We took part in the Dragon Boot raise last year.
6 My grandpa’s singing group will give a performance in the neighborhood.

B 根据你听到的对话和问题选出最恰当的答案,并在答题纸上填涂相应的字母代号,对话和问题都念两遍。

A: Hi Jason, are you drawing a carton?
B: No, I’m writing a play. This is my new hobby.
Question: What is the man’s new hobby?

A: David,can you speak Japanese?
B: Yes, I can. Among the twenty shop assistants in our store, six can speak a foreign language.
Question: How many shop assistants in David store can speak a foreign language.

A: The trip to the National Park was interesting.
I enjoy the activities there.
It was boring. I’ve been there twice before.
Question: How does the woman like the trip to the National Park?

A: Is your birthday in April, Jessica?
B: No, it is on June.2nd. This year, I celebrate my birthday on June.1st, Children’s day.
Question: When is Jessica’s birthday?

A: I heard you moved from the city to the country last year.
B: Yes, I wanted to live near my office. Now it takes me only ten minutes to get there.
A: Well, I prefer to live in the city close to my friends.
Question: Why did the man move to the country?

A: I’m sorry, sir. Your flight left fifteen minutes ago.
B: I’ve a lecture to give at 2:30 this afternoon. What can I do now?
A: You can go to GATE 5 to change your flight. The service center is there.
Question: Where is the service center?

A: What would you like for dinner? I can cook some noodles or fry chicken.
B: Well, if you don’t mind cooking. Noodles sound great. I like simple food.
Question: What’s the two speakers talking about?


A: Did you stay up late last night, Peter? You look pale.
B: I’m not feeling well. I had a headache, Mrs Green.
A: Don’t worry. Stay in the classroom and I’ll call your mom.
Question:What’s the relationship between the two speakers?

C 判断句子是否符合你听到的短文内容,符合的用T表示,不符合的用F表示,并在答题纸上填涂相应的字母代号,短文念两遍。

Which animal do you prefer to see? A baby panda or a snake?

Most people choose cute animals like pandas. So cute animals usually get more attention than animals like snakes. Why don’t people like snakes? The reason is simple. They are just not cute.

Lucy wants to show people the importance of less cute animals, too. Who is Lucy? She is a scientist who studies animals. Lucy is especially interested in snakes. Because many of them are in danger of disappearing and she wants to save them.

Lucy thinks people can find many TV shows about cute animals. So she writes stories on her website about less cute animals like snakes in order to get people interested in them. She also make videos about these animals and puts them on line. People love her fun videos.

Every animal is importance in keeping the balance of the nature. If we save snakes, we save other animals,too. We need to think about the future of all animals and respect all animals. Every single life matters.

D 听对话,用听到的单词完成句子,对话念两遍。

A:I am so glad you are finally home, mom.
B: I missed you, Alex. It’s been about one month. I’m so happy to be back.
A: You look tired, mom. I guess you have hard days at work, haven’t you?
B: Yes, I have. Nursing is no easy job. But I like to look after patients.
A: I guess you need to do a lot of things, like taking temperatures, visiting patients regularly and making sure that they take medicine on time.
B: Besides, I have other important duties.
A: You do?
B: Sure. Today we have several operations and I cleaned our emergency room for a few hours. Sometimes, we have a talk with patients, even their family members to make them feel better, and we tell patients how to work with doctors.
A: I don’t know that. I’m proud of you, mom. You help saving lives. How great!
B: Thank you, Alex. That’s so sweet.

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