Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on are people becoming addicted to technology. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.

Nowadays, we are witnessing a surge in technology in all aspects. People’s views vary greatly on whether this trend are causing people’s addiction. In my point of view, being immersed in a sea of technology will definitely harm people’s life, even make them become addicted.

For one thing, despite the fact that some technologies, are invented to help people, many of them are made to attract people’s attention and make profit. Unaware of this, one would easily get trapped in the world of technology, like computer technology, and lose himself. For another, since most of us are living in a highly digitalized society, few can escape from the influence of their friends and families who are already addicts to technology.

All in all, without strict government restriction and proper guidance on computer technology, people are exposed to the risk of being addicted. It is also necessary for everyone to resist this temptation and maintain good self-discipline.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on whether violent video games online will cause students’violent behaviors. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.

Nowadays, violent video games online have become increasingly popular among students. Many people hold the view that such violent games can cause propensity for violence while others think that those games are only created for fun.

In my opinion, such games do lead to a tendency of violence to some extent. On the one hand, students are easier to be misguided by some violent behaviors in those games since they are not mature enough to tell right from wrong. Consequently, they will probably imitate these behaviors in real life. On the other hand, some students can do what are forbidden in real life while permitted in these games, during which they gradually develop the quality of violence and become easier to make aggressive behaviors when conflicting with others.

To sum up, I think we should reduce our time spent on those violent video games and do more meaningful things to live our life to the fullest.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on whether technology will make people lazy. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.

In present society, the rapid development of science and technology has brought a lot of convenience to people’s life. But a host of people show concerns that the convenience of the technology is making people lazier than before.

From my point of view, technology does not make people lazy. First of all, every advance in human history is the result of technological development. And this progress will promote the development of human productivity. Secondly, technology can liberate human beings from tedious manual labor, so as to carry out more meaningful innovation activities. Finally, human beings do benefit from technological progress, but they do not become lazy because society always evolves with time.

To sum up, I think we should invest more in science and technology and develop new and more creative industries. At the same time, some exploratory practices are ought to be carried out as well to avoid being lazy.



1.B) Send him to an after-school art class.

2.A) Contacted Joe to decorate its dining-room.

3.A) Get her pet dog back.

4.D) It is offering a big reward to anyone who helps.

5.B) Help people connect with each other.

6.C) It does not use volunteers.

7.D) They will find they have something in common.

8.C) Preparations for Saturday’s get-together.

9.B) It enables guests to walk around and chat freely.

10.A) It offers some big discounts.

11.D) Bring his computer and speakers

12.D) For convenience at weekends.

13.A) They are reliable.

14.C) Seek advice from his friend.

15.B) He can be trusted.

16.A) Many escaped from farms and became wild.

17.D)They carry a great many diseases.

18.C) They fell victim to eagles.

19.B) Roast coffee beans in outer space.

20.A) They can easily get burned.

21.C) They collaborated on building the first space coffee machine.

22.B) A race passes through it annually.

23.C) It’s tasty fruit pies.

24.B) The entire village.

25.D) She helped the village to become famous.





Most animals seek shade when temperatures in the Sahara Desert soar..

26. C) crawling


28.E) extreme

29.K) species

30.6) literally

31.M) thick

32.J) removed

33.N) tiny

34.0) unique

35.A) adapting.


Social isolation poses more health risks than obesity…

26. I) implication

27.B) appointments

28.D) debating

29.0) touches

30.C) consequences

31.L) sparked



34.N) survey

35.K) severely


Nowadays you can’t buy anyhing without then being asked to provide..

26. E) experience

27.B) commonplace

28.J) routinely

29.D) desperate

30.H) prompted

31.I) roughly

32.K) shining

33.O) wonder


35.G) option


What happens when a language has no words for numbers?

36.[E]It is worth stressing that these anumeric people are cognitively(在认知方面)normal,well-adapted to the surroundings they have dominated for centuries.

37.[H] Compared with other mammals, our numerical instincts are not as remarkable as many assume.

38.[E] It is worth stressing that these anumeric people are cognitively(在认知方面)normal,well-adapted to the surroundings they have dominated for centuries.

39.[B]But, in a historical sense,number-conscious people like us are the unusual ones.

40.[K]Research on the language of numbers shows, more and more, that one of our species’ key characteristics is tremendous linguistic(语言的)and cognitive diversity. 41.[D]This and many other experiments have led to a simple conclusion:When people do not have number words,they struggle to make quantitative distinctions that probably seem natural to someone like you or me.

42.[G] None of us, then, is really a”numbers person.”We are not born to handle quantitative distinctions skillfully.

43.[A]Numbers do not exist in all cultures

44. [I] So,how did we ever invent “unnatural”numbers in the first place? The answer is,literally,at your fingertips.

45.[F]This conclusion is echoed by work with anumeric children in industrialized societies.


The start of high school doesn’t have to be stressful

36.[E] ln addition, studies find the first year of high school typically shows one of the greatest increases in depression of any year over the lifespan.

37.[G] ln one recent study, we examined 360 adolescents’ beliefs about the nature of “smartness”- that is, their fixed mindsets about intelligence.

38.[J]These findings lead to several possibilities that we are investigating further.

39.[C]In the new global economy,students who fail to finish the ninth grade with passing grades in college preparatory coursework are very unlikely to graduate on time and go on to get jobs.

40.[H]We also investigated the social side of the high school transition.

41.[E]n addition, studies find the first year of high school typically shows one of the greatest increases in depression of any year over the lifespan.

42.[D]The consequences of doing poorly in the ninth grade can impact more than students’ ability to find a good job.

43.[A]This month, more than 4 million students across the nation will begin high school.

44.[I]Experiment results showed that students who were not taught that people can change showed poor stress responses.

45.[F]Given all that’s riding on having a successful ninth grade experience, it pays to explore what can be done to meet the academic, social and emotional challenges of the transition to high school.


Science of setbacks:How failure can improve career prospects

36.[G]One straightforward reason close losers might outper- form narrow winners is that the two groups have comparable ability.

37.[D]Others in the US have found similar effects with National Institutes of Health early-career fellowships launching narrow winners far ahead of close losers.

38.[K]ln sports and many areas of life,we think of failures as evidence of something we could have done better.

39.[B]one way social scientists have probed the effects of career setbacks is to look at scientists of very similar qualifications.

40.[I]He said the people who should be paying regard to the Wang paper are the funding agents who distribute government grant money.

41.[F]In a study published in Nature Communications,North- western University sociologist Dashun Wang tracked more than 1,100 scientists who were on the border between getting a grant and missing out between 1990 and 2005.

42.[J] For his part,Wang said that in his own experience,losing did light a motivating fire.

43.[C]A 2018 study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, for example, followed researchers in the Netherlands.

44.[I]He said the people who should be paying regard to the Wang paper are the funding agents who distribute government grant money.

45.[E]This is bad news for the losers.


Educators and business leaders have more in common than it may seem

46.C)They help students acquire the skills needed for their future success.

47.A)By blending them with traditional, stimulating activities.

48.B) By playing with things to solve problems on their Own.

49. C) Encourage them to make things with hands.

50.B)Develop students′ creative skills with the resources available.

Being an information technology,or IT,worker is not a job I envy.

51.B) It does not appeal to him.

52. C) Many employees are deeply frustrated by IT.

53.D) Employees become more confident in their work.

54.D) Think about the possible effects on their employees.

55.A)By designing systems that suit their needs.


 Sugar shocked. That describes the reaction of many Americans this week following revalations

46.B)They turned public attention away from the health risks

of sugar to fat

47. D)Nearly all of them serve the purpose of the funders

48. A) Exercise is more important to good health than diet

49. C)It rarely results in objective findings

50.D)Think twice about new nutrition research findings

51. C)How people viewed success in his fathers time

52. B)It was a way to advance in their career

53. A)They are often regarded as most treasured talents

54.C)What kind of people can contribute more to them

55.D)It will bring about radical economic and social changes.


 Boredom has become trendy. Studies point to how boredom is good for creativity

46.A)It facilitates innovative thinking.

47.A)A need to be left alone

48. C)It may prevent people from developing a genuine sense of community.

49.B)Reflect on how they relate to others

50.D) Devote themselves to a worthy cause

 Can you remember what you ate yesterday? If asked, most people will be ..

51. A)Calorie consumption had fallen drastically over the de cades

52.A)People s calorie intake was far from accurately reported

53.B)They overlook the potential causes of obesity

54.A)The growing trend of eating out

55.B) Make sure people eat non-fattening food





普洱(Pu'er)茶深受中国人喜爱,最好的普洱茶产自云南的西双版纳( Xishuangbanna),那里的气候和环境为普洱茶树的生长提供了最佳条件。普洱茶颜色较深,味道与其他的茶截然不同。普洱茶泡(brew)的时间越长越有味道。许多爱喝的人尤其喜欢其独特的香味和口感。普洱茶含有多种有益健康的元素,常饮普洱茶有助于保护心脏和血管,还有减肥、消除疲劳和促进消化的功效。

Pu’er is one of the most popular types of tea among the Chinese people, with its best produced in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province. where the climate and the environment provide the tea with the best growing conditions. Pu er tea features comparatively dark colour and totally different fla- vour. The longer it brews, the better it tastes. Many Pu er overs especially fancy its unique fragrance and flavour. As it contains many beneficial elements, the tea helps not only protect the heart and blood vessels but also lose weight, re lieve fatigue and improve digestion if one drinks it regularly.

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