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Writing(30 minutes)

For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a news report to your school newspaper on a volunteer activity organized by your Student Union to help elderly people in the neighborhood .You should write at least 120 words not more than 180 words.(点击阅读范文

For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a news report to your campus newspaper on a visit to a Hope elementary school organized by your Student Union.You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.(点击阅读范文

Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a news report to your campus newspaper on a visit to a local farm organized by your Student Union. You should write at least 120 words but no more than180 words.(点击阅读范文

1. A) He set a record by swimming to and form an island,
2. A) He doubled the reward.
3 B To encouragc latc marriage.
4 D They will not comc into immediate effect.
5 C) A new company to clean up the mess after parties.
6 B It leaves the house in a mess
7 D Expand their busincss.

8 C He took the driver’s theory exam.
9 A He was not well prepared.
10 B They are costly.
11 A Pass his road test the first time.

12 C Leeds’ tuition for intemadonal students.
13 D Pursue postgraduate studies.
14 B His outstanding musical talent
15 D Teach overseas.
16.C. Only a few species cause trouble to humans.
17.B. They can cause damage to people’s homes.
18.A. Deny them access to any food.

19. D. The change in people’s immune system as they get older.
20. B Offer blood samples.
21. C Helping improve old peoples health conditions.

22. D A group of kids were playing chess after school.
23. C Participate in national chess competition.
24. A Most of them come from low income familics.
25. B Think twice before taking action.

阅读填空第一套答案:26. G 27. M 28. A 29. L 30.C 31.F 32. J 33. O 34. I 35. E

Make stuff, fail , and learn while you’reat it
36E a maker space is where
37L the teacher’s role is enhanced
38H coming up with an idea of
39F contrary to structured learning
40A America is a nation known for
41J making will be boring
42G making can be related to a project
43N the author suggests incorporating theidea
44D the maker concept is a modern
45I making is not taken

Passage one most kids grow up
46 C cover the walls of an ole house with graffiti
47 D they are mostly passers-by
48 B they expressed their thoughts in graffiti on the theme of each session
49 D it is an open area for tourists to enjoy themselves year around
50 D it has created some meaningful artistic works
51 A patients may not able to carry them through for effective cure
52 C their easy and inexpensive access by patients
53 A the combination of traditional CBT and computerized CBT is most effective
54 B their effectiveness should not be overestimated
55 D human interaction

Section A
1.B. Safety concersn.
2.D. It plays an important role in the nation’s economy.
3.C. To rescue two sick American workers.
4.A. The darkness and cold.
5.D. With a full-sized helicopter.
6.B. He has rich experience in flying.
7.C. Do something fun and creative.
Section B
8.D. To arrange the delivery of a package.
9.C. She is not at home.
10.B. He will be working somewhere else.
11.A. Sign her name.
12.B. Study abroad.
13.C. Rather depressed.
14.D. He has to finish an assignment.
15.A. Say goodbye to the woman at the airport.
Section C
16.C. Its height changes with each volcanic eruption.
17.D. They make good fields for farming.
18.B. They feed on certain small mammals.
19.A. He is self-employed.
20.B. Loving the work they do.
21.A. It does not come to anyting without hard work.
22.C. It evoled in the mid-1970s.
23.C. She hated to see her idling about.
24.A. After she started eaching English.
25.B. It has made her happy and energetic.

26 H it has migrated from Detroit to silicon valley
27 A in a bid to take production back to detroit
28 G lawmakers have introduced legislation that could
29 D Michigan’s dominance in auto research
30 I countries which desire to replace our leadership
31 N the lead sponsor of four bills
32 J they would represent a substantial update
33 E set up on-demand fleets of self-driving cars
34 B in contrast
35 K far mor restrictive rules that

Living with parents edges out other livingarrangement for 18-to-34-year-olds
36H unemployed young men are more likely to
37E in 2014, the percentage of men aged 18to 34
38G the percentage of young people who aremarried
39B around the mid-20th century
40K young adults with a college degree
41F young men are less likely to
42I more young adult women live
43H the percentage of young men
44J the rise in the number of collegestudents
45G one reason for young adults

1 pew research
46 D they are just as intelligent and innovative as men
47C their failures may have something to do with family duties
48B Gender bias
49D people have opposing opinions as to whether women will make good leaders
50A a women in the highest position of goverment
Two people’s height
51B there has been a marked increase in most countries
52Cit impacts more on an individual than on a population
53A they tend to live longer
54B they are actually shouter than their earlier generations
55D ensure our children grow up in an ideal environment

26. C As one of the most brutal predators
27. I may not fit the image of a cultured creature
28. K a vast range of highly refined behaviors
29. J which literally means “to cultivate”
30. A it refers to anything that is acquired or learnt
31. B have developed certain genetic adaptations that…
32 O thereby allowing them to thrive in their cold climate
33 G a range of different habitats across the globe
34 F with an empire that extends from pole to pole
35 M leading scientists to speculate that

How work will change when most of us live to 100
36I an extended lifespan in the future
37G just extending one’s career
38D nowadays ,many Americans have
39N Because of their longer lifespan
40A many more people will be expected
41K A longer life will cause
42H fast technological change makes
43F many people may not
44M the close between age
45C people living a longer and healthier

46A they may not guarantee a lasting marriage
47B they can become increasingly vulnerable to serious
48B they are more likely to get divorced
49A they are more accustomed to receiving care
50C providing extra care for divorced women
51B unhappy
52A it is related to the way our memories work
53D similar pronuncitation of names
54D it most often occurs within a relationship group
55C they communicate more with their children

Part IV Translation(30 minutes)
Directions: For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to translate a passage from Chinese into English. You should write your answer on Answer Sheet 2.
Paper-cutting is an extraordinary form of Chinese folk art.It boasts a history of more than 2,000 years.Paper-cutting possibley originated in Han dynasty,after the invention of paper. Since then,it has become popular in many places in China. The material and tool for paper-cutting are simple:paper and scissors.Paper-cutting works are usually made with red paper for red color is associated with happiness in Chinese traditional culture. So on happy occasions like wedding and Spring Festival,red paper-cutting works are the first choice for decoration of doors and windows.

Part IV Translation(30 minutes)
Directions: For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to translate a passage from Chinese intoEnglish. You should write your answer on Answer Sheet 2.

Lanterns, which originated from the East Han Dynasty,was first used for lighting. In the Tang Dynasty, they were used to celebrate the peaceful life. From then on,lanterns have become popular in various parts of China. A lantern is usually made of thin papers of O various colours, shapes and sizes.Red lanterns symbolize happy life and prosperous business in traditional Chinese culture and thus are hung up during holidays and festivals such as the Spring Festival, the Lantern Festival and National Day. Today, red lanterns0 can be seen in many places of the world.

Part IV Translation(30 minutes)
Directions: For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to translate a passage from Chinese intoEnglish. You should write your answer on Answer Sheet 2.

Lion Dance has been a special form of traditional Chinese folk art with a history of more than 2,000 years. During the dance ,the two performers wear one lion uniform with one controlling the head and the other controlling the body and theh tail. They cooperate skillfully with each other to imitate the various moves of the lion. Being the king of all beasts,the lion represents happiness and good fortune;therefore,Lion Dance is usually performed duing the Spring Festival and other festivals.It may also appear in other important occasions like business opening and wedding ceremony,which attracts many people to watch.

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