1.How did Susan do in the 100-meter race?

2.Where did the old man live?

3.Why did they punish Peter yesterday?

4.Which is the man the speaker is talking about?

5.What do people eat with in this country?

6.What is the weather like?
A.Rainy. B.Windy. C.Sunny.
7.What is Lily’s dress made of?
A.Silk. B.Cotton. C.Paper.
8.Which robot does the woman like better?
A.The one with a square head.
B.The one with a round face.
C.The one with green eyes.
9.Where does the conversation probably take place?
A.On a bus.
B.On a train.
C.On a plane.
10.How long did it take the woman to get home from France?
A.3 hours. B.11 hours C.14 hours.
11.What does the man think of Tina?
A.A shy girl.
B.A confident girl.
C.An unfriendly girl.
12.How can Tina start a conversation according to the man?
A.By making small talk.
B.By singing a song.
C.By keeping smiling.
13.What’s the possible relationship between the two speakers?
A.Husband and wife.
B.Father and daughter.
C.Mother and son.
14.Who are their new neighbors?
A.The Browns.
B.A young couple.
C.A big family.
15.When did the Browns put their house on the market?
A.Several days ago.
B.Several weeks ago.
C.Several years ago.
16.Steven visited his grandma __.
A.once a month
B.twice a month
C.three times a month
17.Steven didn’t like the sweaters because __.
A.they were too small
B.they were for adults
C.they made him look funny
18.Steven lived in a small flat __.
B.with his parents
C.with his classmates
19.Steven felt __ when his grandma asked about his sweaters.
A.angry  B.easy   C.awkward
20.In fact, Steven’s sweaters __.
A.were stolen
B.were given away
C.were thrown away
21.Peppa Pig, a British cartoon, has been translated into __ languages.
A.14 B.40 C.80
22.__ are fond of the cartoon.
A.Only adults
B.Only young children
C.Both children and adults
23.According to the passage, visitors cannot have __  in the Peppa theme(主题)parks.
A.a horse ride
B.a balloon ride
C.a boat ride
24.The Peppa Pig theme parks in Beijing and Shanghai will be open just in time for __.
A.the Year of the Dog
B.the Year of the Pig
C.the Year of the Tiger
25.The passage is mainly about __ .
A.what Peppa Pig likes
B.how popular Peppa Pig is
C.why kids like Peppa Pig
Li Shizhen and Bencao Gangmu
Date of Li’s birth: July 3rd,(26)_______
Li’s life experience:
★ (27_____ the national exam three times and turned to medicine
★ Cured(治愈)the son of the Prince of Chu
★ got a government position; read medical books and found (28)___ in some of them
★ wrote a book providing (29)____ and clear information on medicine
Bencao Gangmu:
★ Introduction of more than 1,800 Chinese medical plants
★ Description of the type, form, taste,(30)___ and use of 1,094 medical plants

一、听力理解 (本大题有30小题,每小题1分,共30分)
1-5 ACBCA 6-10 ACBBC 11-15 AAABB
16-20 ACCCB21-25 BCABB
26. 151827. failed28. many mistakes
29. correct 30. nature

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