A. 听单句话(本题有5小题,每小题1分,共5分)
1. Where is the bag?

2. Who is the speaker talking about?

3. What does Mike usually do after school?

4. What time does Jane have a piano lesson on Mondays?

5. How many boxes of milk did Jack buy just now?

B. 听对话(本题有10小题,每小题1分,共10分)
6. Who are the speakers going to help?
A. A little kid
B. A young lady.
C. An old man.
7. What does Alice think of the magazine?
A. Interesting.
B. Boring.
C. Popular.
8. When are the speakers going to eat out?
A. This Friday.
B. This Saturday.
C. This Sunday.
9. What did Tom do last night?
A. He watched a football game。
B. He prepared for a report。
C. He studied for a test。
10.How much are the apples and the grapes?
A. 25 yuan.
B. 38 yuan.
C. 63 yuan
11.Where does the man want to go?
A. A bank.
B. A post office.
C. A library.
12. How will the man go there?
A. On foot.
B. By bike.
C. By bus.
13. What is the man looking at?
A. A menu.
B. A book.
C. A map.
14. What is the picture show about?
A. Asian culture.
B. African culture.
C. European culture.
15. Where may this conversation take place?
A. At the museum.
B. At home.
C. At school.
C. 听独白(本题有10小题,每小题1分,共10分)
16.Everyone can do something to make a difference to a ____.
A. community
B. hospital
C. country
17. We should get together to collect the rubbish ____ a year.
A. once
B. twice
C. three times
18. Some of the elder people need us to go shopping or for ____ them.
A. sing
B. clean
C. read
19. The reading club is a good place to welcome ____.
A. customers
B. newcomers
C. old friends
20. There are____ examples in the speech.
A. three
B. four
C. five
21. Jack is a(n) ____in Germany.
A. artist
B. engineer
C. teacher
22. In the past ____ years, Jack has collected many old things.
A. 8
B. 10
C. 12
23. He uses the ____ of an old car as part of the wall.
A. wheel
B. door
C. seat
24. A ____ cover around the house helps to keep the heat inside.
A. plastic
B. glass
C. steel
25. Jack can now move ____ anywhere he likes.
A. the whole house
B. the front door
C. some rooms

A Volunteer Program

Where to go: A village, 26__kilometers from the city center
How to get there: By high-speed train and 27__
Where to stay: At the volunteer center with shared rooms
What to eat: Three 28__ Chinese meals a day
What to do: Take a 29 __lesson on Monday
Teach English and 30 __at a primary school from Tuesday to Friday
Tour around the village at the weekend

1-5 ABBAC 6-10 AABBC
11-15 ABCAC 16-20 ABCBA
21-25 BCBAC


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