1. 本卷分为第I卷和第II卷,共8页。满分为120分。考试用时为120分钟。
2. 第I卷每小题选出答案后,请用2B铅笔把答题卡上对应题目选项的答案标号涂黑,如需改动,请用橡皮擦干净后,再选涂其他答案。答案写在本试题卷上无效。
3. 做第II卷时,用0. 5毫米的黑色墨水签字笔将答案写在答题卡上每题题号的横线上。答案答在本试题卷上无效。
第1卷 (选择题共55分)

Ⅰ. 单项选择(共15小题;每小题1分,满分15分)
1. To save time, many students have _________ lunch at school every day.
A. a
B. an
C. /
D. the
2. – Oh. my God! I forgot to bring my pen here.
-Don’t worry. I have two. You can use __________.
A. I
B. me
C. myself
D. mine
3. Betty has a beautiful _________. She wants to be a singer in the future.
A. voice
B. look
C. noise
D. sound
4. -What do you think of working as a doctor?
– It ‘s a good job to help people keep___________.
A. busy
B. strict
C. healthy
D. generous
5. -Will you stay here for dinner with us?
– Sorry, I ____________. My mother is waiting for me at home.
A. mustn’t
B. can’t
C. needn’t
D. couldn’t
6. __________ the help of modern technology, scientists got a photo of a black hole.
A. At
B. In
C. On
D. With
7. -What is your mother doing, Linda?
-She ___________dinner in the kitchen now.
A. is cooking
B. was cooking
C. cook
D. cooking
8. Those young firemen were brave enough to __________ the fire in the forest.
A. work out
B. put out
C. hand out
D. look out
9. -It is said that 5G is coming. It will improve our life great!
– __________ amazing it is!
A. What an
B. How a
C. What
D. How
10. Some people are too shy to say a word in public. However, __________ aren’t.
A. another
B. the other
C. others
D. the others

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