第五部分: 书面表达(满分25 分)

Li Jiang:Have you heard this?A group of exchange students from the UK are visiting our school next month.
Su Hua:Yes,I have. Some are already recommending the traditional Chinese dress for the welcome ceremony.
Li Jiang:But it seems people have different opinions.
Su Hua:What do you think?
Li Jiang:I think it’s a good idea. It’s an opportunity to make the Chinese culture better known to international students.
Su Hua:I agree. But we don’t have to dress that way. That’s not our daily style. Besides,it’s not very convenient.
Li Jiang:You see. It’s the Chinese culture that the British friends are coming for. Just the right occasion.
Su Hua:I prefer the school uniform. It’s nice. It’s also a better display of our school culture.


81. Possible version one:
Li Jiang and Su Hua are discussing what to wear when receiving the British students next month. Li recommends the traditional Chinese dress while Su prefers the school uniform.

I would be happy to wear traditional Chinese clothes at the welcome ceremony. Firstly, this is precisely what the British visitors are expecting. They come to learn about Chinese culture with their own eyes. Their Chinese peers in the typical Chinese dress would be highly impressive. The school uniforms are fine, but not special enough to give a unique Chinese flavour. Secondly, the inconvenience is not a problem if our purpose is to share Chinese culture. It is just the so-called inconvenience that displays the richness, delicacy and great fascination of Chinese culture with a history of thousands of years.

The traditional Chinese clothes, it seems to me, will make the occasion very Chinese and inviting to the British guests.
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Possible version two:
Li Jiang and Su Hua don’t agree on what to wear when greeting the British students. Li suggests traditional Chinese clothes while Su thinks the school uniforms are more suitable.

I prefer the school uniform to the traditional Chinese dress at the welcome ceremony next month. Although the traditional Chinese dress may look more beautiful and stylish, it is a little bit strange to walk around in it. We feel at ease in our school uniforms every day. What’s more, the traditional Chinese dress can’t reflect the unique culture of our school. From the design and colour of our uniforms, the British friends will learn more about our school. Besides, the choice of the traditional Chinese dress means extra money, and extra time, for we have to change it back after the event.

So the school uniforms are a better choice than the traditional Chinese dress for such an occasion.


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