注意事项:1. 答卷I前,考生务必将自己的姓名、准考证号、科目填涂在答题卡上。考试结束,监考人员将试卷和答题卡一并收回。
2. 答卷I时,每小题选出答案后, 用2B铅笔把答题卡上对应题目的答案标号涂黑,答在试卷上无效。

3.A have a picnic
B. have a rest
C, have a party
4.A We are already on the plane
B. We may be late for the plane
C. We are waiting for the plane.
5.A Cindy can not cross the street.
B Cindy tells the speaker to cross the street.
C Cindy should be careful when crossing the street
6 A. Sounds good
B. Glad to hear that
C. Nice to see you, too.
7. A. He’s a policeman
B. He’s thirty-five
C.He’s tall and cool.
8.A.Yes. here you are
B No, thank you
C. Sure, I’m hungry
9.A I like to travel
B. It was great
C. They went to a zoo
10.A.Why not
B.Not really
C.Not at all
11. What is Tina reading?

12. Where are they talking?

13. What are they going to do?
A. Eat breakfast
B. Go to school
C. See a doctor
14. What does Tony want Jane to do?
A. Watch a match.
B. Join the team.
C. Teach him
15. What is Jane’s last reason to refuse Tony?
A. She isn’t good at baseball.
B Baseball has too many rules.
C, Baseball takes a long time to play.
16. Where should the woman meet with her friends?
A. At the ticket office
B. At the coffee shop.
C At the bus stop
17. Why does she feel worried?
A. She can’t find a taxi.
B. The theater is too far
C. She’s gone to a wrong place
18. What do you think she will do after talking to the man?
A Buy gifts for her friends
B Hurry to the New Theater.
C.Decide which movie to see
19. Who is speaking?
A. A teacher
B A guide
C. A tourist
20. How will the tourists go to see all the places?
A By bus.
B On foot
C By train
21. Why don’t they have to worry about the weather?
A. It isn’t raining B. They can enjoy the rain. C. The rain will
22. How many students are there in each group?
A Two
23. Who will role-play a phone call first?
A. The boys
B. The girls
C A girl and a boy
24. When can they go somewhere in the role-play?
A. On Friday
B. On Saturday
C.On Sunday
25. What will the girls finally do?
A Role-play a phone call.
B. Talk about the boys
C Copy the key words


1-5.ABCBC 6-10.CABBA 11-15.ABCBC
16-20.ACBBA 21-25.CBACA
61.70. 62.pat 63.subject 64.chess 65.park

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