一、听力测试 (共15题,计15分)

(一) 听句子,选择与句子内容相对应的图片。每个句子读两遍。

(二) 听对话和问题,根据所听内容,选择最佳答案。对话和问题都读两遍。
6. A. To do business.
B. To visit her friends.
C. To study medicine.
7. A. Sally’s.
B. Alan’s.
C. Danny’s.
8. A. Some chicken.
B. Some sandwiches.
C. Some fish.
9. A. He will go to the park.
B. He will prepare for a party.
C. He will take an exam.
10. A. At home.
B. On the playground.
C. In the library
(三) 听短文,根据短文内容,判断下列句子正误,正确的用“A”表示,不正确的用“B”表示。
11. Helen Thayer was the first woman who walked to the North Pole (北极) alone.
12. Helen was born in the United States.
13. Helen had a dream to walk to the North Pole alone when she was forty.
14. On her journey, Helen walked 345 miles in freezing weather conditions.
15. Once, seven polar bears (北极熊) wanted to eat Helen. Luckily, she saved herself.
四、听写 (共5小题,计5分)
56. When is Dave going to a concert?
He is going on ______ afternoon.
57. What time does the concert finish?
It finishes at ______ .
58. How will Dave and Alice go to the concert?
They will get there ______ .
59. How much is a concert ticket?
It is only ______ dollars.
60. What does Dave ask Alice to bring to the concert?
He asks Alice to bring a _____ to the concert.
1-5:DFCEB 6-10.CABAC 11-15.ABBAB

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