1. A. Mother and son.
B. Father and daughter.
C. Teacher and student.
2. A. It’s black.
B. It’s green.
C. It’s blue.
3. A. To the hospital
B. To the school
C. To the bank.
4. A. Dumplings.
B. Rice
C. Noodles.
5. A. To watch TV
B. To go climbing.
C. To stay at home.
6. A. A writing test.
B. A listening test.
C. A reading test.
7. A. it’s sunny
B. It’s cloudy.
C. It’s rainy.
8. A. It’s Monday.
B. It’s Wednesday.
C. It’s Sunday.
9. A. The music club.
B. The sports club.
C. The art club.
10. A. a player.
B. An actor.
C. A singer.
11. Who is out?
A. Sam.
B. John
C. Mary.
2. What is the message?
A. To call back in the afternoon.
B. To buy a bag in the afternoon.
C. To go back in the afternoon.
13. What’s wrong with the girl?
A. She has a headache.
B. She has a toothache.
C. She has a stomachache.
14. What did the girl have for supper?
A. Ice creams and watermelon.
B. A hamburger and some fish.
C. Dumplings and some fruit.
15. How often will the girl take the medicine?
A. Once a day.
B. Twice a day.
C. Three times a day.
16. Who went for a holiday with Zhang Yuan last Summer?
A. His friends.
B. His parents.
C. His classmates.
17. Most of the time, the town was very ____.
A. popular
B. peaceful
C. noisy
18. How old was the lady in the town?
A. She was 97.
B. She was 76.
C. She was 79.
19. The lady had a ___in the town.
A. shop
B. hotel
C. restaurant
20. In this passage, “she was content with her life there” means she was _______ with her life there.
A. happy
B. sad
C. surprised


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