Text 1
W: Nice bike! When did you get it?
M: My brother gave it to me as a birthday gift last month. It’s a second-hand bike, but it’s in good condition.

Text 2
W: Don’t stay up too late chatting with friends, Jimmy. You have to go to school early in the morning.
M: Okay. I’m done chatting, but I have a couple of chapters to read before bed.

Text 3
M: What would you want to do if you were not working as a lawyer?
W: I don’t know. Teaching, probably. I like to work with kids.
M: Me too.

Text 4
M: Aunt Lucy, can’t we at least give you a hand with the kitchen? It’s a lot of work for one person.
W: That’s very kind of you, Jack. But I’ve hired a girl called Sarah. She’s coming soon and will do most of the work.

Text 5
W: I’m so sorry I shouted at you yesterday. I feel awful.
M: It’s all right. I know you’ve been under a lot of pressure lately.

Text 6
M: Hello, this is Richard Brown. I’d like to make an appointment to see Doctor Ross.
W: Certainly. What seems to be the problem?
M: Well, I’d like to have my regular medical examination.
W: Fine. Now, it’s Monday today. When would you be available to come in to see Doctor Ross?
M: Any day next week in the morning would be great.
W: How about next Wednesday or Thursday at ten o’clock?
M: Next Thursday sounds fine to me.
W: Okay, we’ll see you next Thursday, Mr. Brown. Goodbye.

Text 7
M: I’m going on Thompson’s show. How do I look?
W: Your red tie…
M: What’s wrong with it?
W: Well, red was the color of last year. Now it’s light blue. Fashion experts say the light color makes a man look confident and worthy of trust.
M: But I like red.
W: I know, but you’d better follow the fashion as you are having an interview on TV.

Text 8
W: Mike, did you just throw the rest of that bread away?
M: Yeah. It was quite a big one, and I couldn’t finish it.
W: You know you shouldn’t waste food. Do you know how much of the world’s food is wasted each year?
M: Uh… I don’t know.
W: The figure is 1.3 billion tons of food, which is enough to feed a billion hungry people. Where do you think all this food waste comes from?
M: Well, restaurants, I imagine.
W: No. Restaurants do not contribute most to food waste. In Europe, 53% of food waste comes from households, which amounts to about 88 million tons of food waste a year.
M: Wow. I can’t even believe it.
W: A high school student in America has started a campaign on the social media, persuading people to stop wasting food. Up to now, the food waste has been reduced by 25% in her city.

Text 9
M: Atherton Brothers.
W: Good morning. Is that Mr. Bill Atherton?
M: Speaking. How can I help?
W: My flat needs painting, and I wonder whether you’d be able to do the work.
M: I’m sure we’d be able to help. But let me take down a few details.
W: Yes, of course.
M: Well, firstly, how did you hear about us? From our advertisement?
W: Not really. It was my friend May Wilson. You did some excellent work for her last year.
M: Oh yes. That was in Church Hill, Arnside. Lovely lady!
W: Yes, she is.
M: And what’s your name and phone number, please?
W: It’s Hillary Pemberton. And my number is 8799-1130.
M: Right. And do you live in Church Hill, Arnside as well?
W: No, actually, it’s 39 West Park, Flat 5.
M: Oh, right. It’s over the road I seem to remember. Quite difficult to get to.
W: Yes, it’s at the back of the city library.
M: So, I’ll come to your flat at about ten in the morning tomorrow if it’s okay with you.
W: Excellent. I’ll be waiting for you then. See you tomorrow morning.
M: Goodbye.

Text 10
W: Thank Mr. Williams for inviting me back. I’d love to share with you my life experiences after graduation. Well, I graduated from here in 2001. When I was thrown into the job market, finding a job was not difficult. Most of my classmates found good jobs in big cities. If I were born a decade later, things might have been totally different. I finally accepted a job with my current employer, and now work as a translator. I won’t say my job is not demanding. Sometimes I’m kept very busy working late into the night. And I also have to travel to other cities to attend some conferences several times a year. But I must admit, I’m happy with what I’m doing, which is related to what I learned at university. That’s why I haven’t changed jobs for the last decade and a half. In recent years, I have been thinking about trying other things, such as running a coffee shop or a bookstore. But I haven’t really set out to do that because any decision I make might create challenges for my family. I got married five years after I left college. For me, family comes first. Today, you college students are facing a totally different time from what we were presented with ten years ago. Obviously, there are difficulties, but chances exist, and you’ll have hope of leading a successful life.

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