深圳市 2019 年初中毕业生学业考试英语试卷
第一部分 选择题 (60 分)
I. 词汇测试(15 分)
i. 从下面每小题的 A、B、C 三个选项中选出可以替换划线部分的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将相应的字母编号涂黑。(共 8 小题,每小题 1 分)
1. — Where shall we watch the light show tonight?
— On the top of Lianhua Mountain. It’s in the centre of our city.
A. back
B. middle
C. front
2. — Sarah seems to be confident about her performance tomorrow.
— So she is. She’s gotten prepared for it.
A. sorry
B. famous
C. ready
3. — I heard that your grandma lost her way in Dameisha yesterday.
— Yes. Luckily, a kind stranger managed to lead her back home.
A. take
B. pull
C. put
4. — When can we finish making the model car? We must hand it in this afternoon.
— Very soon. There is one more step to finish it.
A. stair
B. post
C. stage
5. — I’m not sure if I copied the address correctly. Can you check it for me?
— No problem. Let’s check it together.
A. without difficulty
B. without instruction
C. without mistakes
6. — How was your skating lesson last week?
— Not bad. Although I fell over many times, I managed to skate at last.
A. in the end
B. at present
C. at times
7. — How many Chinese poems did you learn by heart last term?
— Twenty, most of them were written in Tang Dynasty.
A. study
B. remember
C. research
8. — Don’t lie around. Help me with some dishes, Jimmy.
— OK. Mum. I’m coming in a minute.
A. look around
B. turn around
C. sit around

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