第一部分 听力理解(共两节,满分25分)

6. Where are the speakers?
A. On a plane.
B. On a bus.
C. On a train.
7. How does the man feel?
A. Excited.
B. Terrible.
C. Nervous.
8. What’s wrong with Judy?
A. She has a toothache.
B. She has a cough.
C. She has a fever.
9. What does the man advise Judy?
A. She should have a rest.
B. She should see a doctor.
C. She should take some medicine.
10. What day is it today?
A. Wednesday.
B. Thursday.
C. Friday.
11. Where was Lucy yesterday?
A. At home.
B. At school.
C. In the hospital.
12. What did Li Lei have for his breakfast?
A. Eggs.
B. Bread.
C. Milk.
13. What are they talking about?
A.Their favourite sports.
B. Their favourite programme.
C. A study plan.
14. What is Amy interested in?
A. Jumping.
B. Running.
C. Swimming.
15. How did Steven do in the sports meeting last year?
A. He got first prize in running.
B. He did best in the high jump.
C. He did best in the long jump.
16. What should a monitor (班长) do?
A. Help to organize activities for the class.
B. Collect old books and bottles.
C. Make a lot of friends.
17. Why did Bruce collect old books?
A. To make money.
B. To hold a big party.
C. To give them to poor children.
18. Why did Bruce want to recycle used bottles?
A. To make money to have a picnic.
B. To make money for a trip to the beach.
C. To make money to hold a birthday party.
19. What did Jenny do to help herself reach her aim (目标) ?
A. She held a party at her home.
B. She made a wonderful speech.
C. She gave away some money to the poor.
20. Who became the monitor in the end?
A. Jenny.
B. Bruce.
C. Jane

参考答案:1—5BACAC 6—10ACBBC
11—15ABABC 16—20ACBAB
21. 10/ten 22. free 23. buy/get
24.education 25. government
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