第一部分 听力部分

1. A. It’s Bob.
B. Jack’s.
C. A good one.
2. A. A black cat.
B. Very cold.
C. It’s lovely.
3. A. Once a month
B. About one week.
C. In three days.
4. A. It’s tasty.
B. Too small.
C. The bigger one.
5. How is the woman?
A. Not well.
B. OK.
6. What can we know about Kate’s sister?
A. She’s too noisy.
B. She doesn’t talk much.
C. She isn’t friendly.
7. What will the weather be like?
A. Rainy
B. Sunny
8. How does Mary feel about the exam?
A. Easy
B. Hard
C. Strange
9. What is the woman doing?
A. Going to Tom’s room
B. Looking for the newspaper
C. Helping Tom read the paper.
10. What number does the woman want to call?
A. 83657391
B. 83657318
C. 83657319
11. Who will go tomorrow?
A. The man
B. The woman
C. Both of them
12. What does the woman mean?
A. There’s not enough
B.The man has had enough
C. The woman wants more bread.
13. Where is the woman?
A. At the train station
B. In the hotel
C. On the street
14. How many passengers can the taxi driver take?
A. 4
B. 5
C. 6
15.Why can’t they get there quickly?
A. There are too many people in the taxi.
B. There is an accident on the street.
C. It happens to be the rush hour.
16. What’s the relationship between the two speakers?
A. Doctor and nurse.
B. Doctor and visitor.
C. Doctor and patient.
17. Why does Susan call Dr. Clark?
A. To thank him.
B. To help him.
C. To invite him to dinner.
18. How is the woman now?
A. Quite all right.
B. A little worse.
C. Not every well.
19. What’s Jime going to buy?
A. Some meat.
B. Vegetables.
C. Dumplings.
20. When are they going to make dumplings?
A. Before lunch.
B. After lunch.
C. Right now.
21. Who wants to learn to make dumplings?
A. Jim.
B. Jim’s mother.
C. Ann.
22. Where does Old Arthur live?
A. In a small forest.
B. In an old village.
C. In a modern city.
23. What does he collect from the post office?
A. Money and food.
B. Money and letter.
C. Money and newspaper.
24. How often does he go to the bar?
A. Twice a week.
B. Once a month.
C. Once a week.
25. Why doesn’t he feel lonely?
A. He has lots of money and friends.
B. He meets many people in the bar.
C. He has birds and animals around him.

1-5 BABCB 6-10 BAABA 11-15 CBCAC
16-20 CAABA 21-25 CABBC

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