2021年1月浙江省高考英语真题与解析 (附听力原文)



(Text 1)

M: Did you go to the football game yesterday?

W: No, I couldn’t make it. I was stuck in the lab.

M: You missed a really good game. Our school team played very well.  

(Text 2)

W: Did you hear the weather forecast for tomorrow? Is it going to be windy?

M: No, there will be clouds in the morning, and heavy showers in the afternoon and the evening.

(Text 3)

M: Hey, let’s go for a picnic somewhere this weekend.

W: Good idea. Can Jack go with us? He’s tired of taking exams these past two weeks.

M: I don’t think so. He’s going on a trip this weekend with his school.

(Text 4)

M: Hello, is this Emma? This is Robert Gellen from Johnson’s Electronics.

W: Hello, Robert, what can I do for you?

M: It’s this visit by Mr. Johnson. I’m afraid he’s had an emergency and won’t be able to make it this time.

(Text 5)

M: Did you wait long?

W: No, just two minutes. How was the flight?

M: It was fine, thanks. I slept through the whole flight actually and I feel much better.

(Text 6)

M: I’m starving. What are we having for dinner tonight, Jane?

W: I’m not sure. Something will come to mind once I start.

M: I feel like eating French Fries or maybe a ham sandwich. How about you?

W: Actually, I was thinking of making something healthy, say … fish and vegetables.

M: Well, in that case, I’ll have whatever you make.

(Text 7)

W: Hello, George, I heard that you’re going to Milan for a business trip next week.

M: Yes, Susan, I’m also planning a trip to Rome for sightseeing after that.

W: Oh, I’m just back from Rome. The city has made some new rules.

M: Really? What rules?

W: For example, people who dress up as Roman soldiers in charge of photos won’t be allowed near tourist spots, and street performers can’t sing or play their music on public transport. Another rule bans tourists from eating in public places.

M: That’s good. Eating in public is inappropriate and could lead to littering.

W: Rome isn’t the only city to do that. Last year, Florence made a rule saying that tourists would face fines of up to 500 euros if caught eating in the street.

M: Wow, that’s big money, but it’s understandable.

(Text 8)

W: Hi, Frank. I heard you plan to withdraw from the speech class. Can you tell me why?

M: Well, Ms. McDaniel, I don’t think I can make it. Public speaking scares me. I just can’t get in front of a group and talk.

W: What is it that you fear about speaking in front of a group?

M: I am afraid I would look silly if I forget a word or say something stupid or if I shake or turn red.

W: What would happen if you did run into one of these things?

M: People would laugh at me.

W: Well, Frank, your fear is really not based on facts. I once asked my students what they would do if someone in class forgot a word or made a mistake. They said they would feel bad for the speaker for they knew they would be in the speaker’s shoes some day. Does that make you feel better?

M: Yeah, I guess.

W: I hope you’ll stay in the class, and try a bit more.

M: Okay. Thanks, Ms. McDaniel.

(Text 9)

M: How many applications did we get, Mary?

W: Well, overall we got over 200.

M: Wow, that many!

W: Yes, but most of which we can reject right away, people who don’t have the right experience, qualifications, that kind of thing.

M: Of course.

W: And so, I drew up a short list of 12 candidates.

M: Are we going to interview all of them?

W: I think we should. But certainly, I’ll let you have a look first.

M: Great, so, who will we get then?

W: Well, I think we have got some pretty strong candidates. Two in particular.

M: They have the right kind of qualification?

W: I certainly say so. A strong educational background, experience in sales, language skills …

M: Good. Look forward to meeting all of them.

W: So, I’d say we do a set interview for that.

M: Sure.

W: A few general questions, then onto specifics. We could also ask them to give a short presentation.

M: Great. I’m really looking forward to this.

(Text 10)

W: Welcome back, everyone. This is CB8 News Radio. Here comes something interesting. Yesterday, a teenage girl named Terra Gallo, Cumberland, got some unexpected news when she received a handwritten letter from a fisherman saying that her message in a bottle had been found in Spain. Gallo and her sister put messages into bottles and threw them into the ocean while visiting their aunt on Monhegan Island three years ago. The girls had forgotten about the bottles until they were surprised by the fisherman’s letter.  Gallo,  now 14,  studied the maps and discovered her message traveled about 3,000 miles. Gallo’s message asked that whoever got her bottle should put their own message inside with hers and send it back out to sea. The fisherman said in his letter that he had carried out her wishes.

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