Donald Trump’s Vblog : Hurricane Dorian

Hello, this is President Trump, and I’m standing in the Rose Garden of the White House, right in front of the Oval Office, and we’re all working very, very hard on Hurricane Dorian. It’s been… interesting, because it looked like it was going to be a very small storm, that we all got lucky — it missed Puerto Rico.

It hit the Virgin Islands, but not as bad as it could have, but it really began to form and form big, and now it’s looking like it could be an absolute monster. We’re ready. We have the best people in the world ready, and they’re gonna help you.

We’re shipping food, we’re shipping water, but it may be that you’re going to evacuate. We’re going to see what happens. We’re waiting. It does seem almost certain that it’s hitting dead center, and that’s not good. The winds seem to be building at a tremendous rate. It looks like the winds are gonna be unbelievably high.

We’re all ready, and hopefully we’ll get lucky, but it looks to me like this time, it’s heading in one direction. All indications are it’s gonna hit very hard, and it’s going to be very big — somebody said bigger, or at least as big as Andrew, and if you remember Andrew, from many years ago, that was not good. So just be aware, and be safe, and God bless you.

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