Prime Minister Theresa May’s Easter 2019 message

British Prime Minister Theresa May has shared an impassioned Easter message standing up for religious freedom and offering support to persecuted Christians around the world.The Prime Minister condemned the persecution of Christians.Her speech comes after more than 200 people were killed in a ‘targeted attack on Christians’ in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday.

For millions of Christians in this country and around the world,Easter is a particularly special time,when we remember the powerful message at the heart of our Christian faith. A message of hope of the resurrection of Jesus Christ,when we can look forward to a new life in Christ.

On Sunday,I will spend Easter as I do every year,giving thanks in church.But for many Christians around the world,such simple acts of faith can bring huge danger.Churches have been attacked. Christians murdered.Families forced to flee their homes.That is why the government has launched a global review into the persecution of Christians.We must stand up for the right of everyone,no matter what their religion,to practise their faith in peace.

Easter is a time of reflection.For families and friends to get together and spend precious time with their loved ones.

So let me wish everyone,of all faiths and none,a very happy and peaceful Easter.

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