The Queen’s speech at commemorations to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day

Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

When I attended the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the D-Day Landings, some thought it might be the last such event. But the wartime generation – my generation – is resilient, and I am delighted to be with you in Portsmouth today.
当我参加诺曼底登陆60周年纪念活动时,有些人认为这可能是最后一次这样的事件。 但是,战时一代人,也就是我们这代人,都很有韧性。我很高兴今天与你们相会在朴次茅斯。

75 years ago, hundreds of thousands of young soldiers, sailors and airmen left these shores in the cause of freedom. In a broadcast to the nation at that time, my Father, King George VI, said: “…what is demanded from us all is something more than courage and endurance; we need a revival of spirit, a new unconquerable resolve…” That is exactly what those brave men brought to the battle, as the fate of the world depended on their success.

Many of them would never return, and the heroism, courage and sacrifice of those who lost their lives will never be forgotten. It is with humility and pleasure, on behalf of the entire country – indeed the whole free world – that I say to you all, thank you.

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