The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, delivered 2019 Easter message

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, used his message to say the resurrection of Jesus showed “injustice and oppression don’t have the last word”.

Today,millions of Christians around the world are celebrating the event on which our faith is founded.At the heart of the story is a tomb.The disciples went there expecting to find a grave,blocked and seated,instead it was open and empty. There is a powerful symbolism here.The tomb was not open to let Jesus out – he didn’t need to ‘escape’.It was open to let the disciples in.

They had to go and see for themselves the reality of the empty tomb.They knew that there was only one explanation for his absence that made sense,that makes sense to us today, and astonishing,world-changing explanation.

Jesus,who they knew had been tortured and brutally executed,had risen from the dead, not symbolically but in reality. So the emptiness of the tomb expresses a profound hope.It says death is not the end. It says injustice and oppression don’t have the last word.It says evil is defeated.And the risen Jesus is the one who makes our broken lives whole.

He is risen.


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