“Actually (事实上)” 在日常交流中的使用频率很高。这个看似简单的单词其实有五种用法。跟随本集 “一分钟英语”,学习如何准确到位地在口语中运用 “actually”。



Hello, everyone, I’m Sam from BBC Learning English, and today we’re looking at different ways to use the word ‘actually’.

We use it to talk about what is true, like the word ‘really’.

‘Are bats actually blind?’

We use it to correct or contradict.

‘Are you from London, Sam?’

‘Actually, no, I’m from Oxford.’

We use it to emphasise that something is different or surprising.

‘I love fish, but I actually don’t like prawns.’

We use it to admit or confess to something.


‘Did you eat the last chocolate, Sam?’

‘Actually, yes, I did.’

And we use it to add information.

‘I’m a teacher. And so are both my parents, actually.’

So, it’s actually quite a useful word!



1. We can use actually to talk about what is true.
“Actually” 可以用来谈论真实的事情。

  • Are bats actually blind?
  • I don’t know what actually happened.

2. We can use actually to correct or contradict.
“Actually” 可以用来纠正或反驳他人。

  • Actually, a tomato is technically a fruit, not a vegetable.

3. We can use actually to emphasise something is different or surprising.
“Actually” 可以用来强调事物的不同,或令人惊讶的意外之处。

  • I love fish, but I actually don’t like prawns.
  • This cake is actually not that bad! I’m impressed.

4. We can use actually to admit or confess to something.
“Actually” 可以用于承认或坦白错误。

  • Actually, I ate the last chocolate.
  • Actually, I was the one that broke the vase.

5. We can use actually to add information.
“Actually” 可以用来补充信息。

  • I’m a teacher. And so are both my parents, actually.

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